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Long Distance Carriers

 Compare, Learn and Save on Long Distance Carriers

Compare Long Distance Carriers

  • Rates Less than .03¢ a minute is available in most parts of the United States. If you are paying .05¢ a minute you are paying as much as 45% too much. In simple terms - Every $100 you spend on long distance you will save $45. Important note: The savings are even more dramatic for many business and home consumers that are paying .07¢ and .10¢ a minute.

  • Best of all. With these long distance carriers, there is no difference in the quality of your long distance connection. All your long distance calling will use the same fiber optic networks that the traditional long distance carriers use.

  • One size does not fit all. A long distance carrier calling plan per minute rates does not necessary determine your best phone services. Its important to evaluate your in state long distance rates if you make a lot of in state long distance calls.

  • If you use $20 or less a month in long distance calling, than a plan that charges a monthly fee or minimum usage fee can significantly change your long distance carriers best plan.

Business Long Distance Carriers

  • Businesses and companies pay the same low rates per minute as consumers. Easy online sign up and these business long distance carriers can handle as many phone numbers as you have. On the sign up page you list your main phone number and add all your supplemental numbers under the "additional numbers" section. You will also be able to sign up for new or transfer your existing toll free numbers at the same low rates.

Compare Unlimited Long Distance Carriers
Bundled Services and VOIP

  • You have two choices for unlimited long distance carriers. Traditional bundled services from companies like Cleartel. Experience the freedom of unlimited calling with Unlimited Business Long Distance Carriers, Unlimited for business starting at just $49.99 for the first line. Local and unlimited long distance carriers for one flat rate.

  • VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.
    VOIP unlimited long distance carriers
    has truly joined the 21st century with a bang. High speed internet such as cable modem, DSL, or satellite is required. With many homes and businesses already utilizing high speed for their computer connection, you can now have local and long distance for U.S. and Canada for as low as $24.99 a month or $199 a year (equivalent to $16.59 a month).

  • Unlimited Long Distance Carriers.
    If you have a high speed internet connection, then you can have unlimited long distance service. For as little as $19.95 a month. You can keep your existing home or business phone line and add a Voip line to use as unlimited long distance. Or, you can port your existing home number to the Voip provider.

International Long Distance Carriers

  • From 200 million U.S. international calls a year to 6.2 billion per year in the last 20 years. The internet has made it easy to compare international long distance rates. You have the ability to pick long distance carriers that have the lowest international rate for countries you wish to call. Another alternative to using your home or business long distance is phone cards. You can even get PIN less phone cards that will work from your designated phone numbers.

  • See long distance carriers for business comparisons. Compare calling plans and phone service. Long distance carriers for business rates and discount options. International rates service.

  • Compare long distance carriers comparisons. Compare calling plans and phone service. Compare long distance carriers rates and discount options. International rates service.

  • See lowest long distance carriers comparisons. Compare calling plans and phone service. Lowest long distance carriers rates and discount options. International rates service.

  • Long distance phone service lowest rates for your area. Long distance phone service providers from long distance carriers .com and free rate quotes.

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Carriers Rates Watch

Pioneer 2.7¢
IBN Tel 2.3¢
Opex 2.7¢
Covista 2.5¢
PNG Global 3.9¢

Voip Long Distance

VOIP Carriers per month

Packet8 VOIP $16.59*
Vonage VOIP $24.99
MyPhoneCompany $24.99
VOIP.COM $16.59*
Verizon VOIP $29.95
    * With Yearly Plan  

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